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When Touristing in Tokyo – Cell Phone Access
September 5, 2013, 9:56 am
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[Softubanku] Store in Ginza with amazing white dog

Tokyobling's Blog

Having never been a tourist in Tokyo myself I don’t have a lot of the common points of information that many people often ask me – where are the cheapest hotels? What kind of train ticket packages do you recommend? What kind of cell phone coverage can I expect in Japan? Where do I withdraw cash from international ATM machines? …and so on. But the one thing I has managed to gather is that a lot of foreign tourists visit the Softbank store in Ginza to get Internet access to their cell phones for the duration of their visit to Japan. The Softbank store (It’s one of the biggest cell phone service providers in Japan) in Ginza makes creative use of a statue of their main spokesperson, a white dog starring in a long running series of commercials where he plays the father of a family (I don’t know the…

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