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Ueno and Ameyokocho
November 1, 2013, 3:45 pm
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A walking photo tour of the colorful Ueno / Ameyokocho area.

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It is the last day of October and the word most suited to describe this month would probably be „hot“. We had the highest October temperature ever recorded in Tokyo, earlier in the month, and I am still rolling up my shirt sleeves when stepping outside. On one of those really hot days, as the sun was setting, I took a quickie walking photo tour of the colorful Ueno/Ameyokocho area. Starting from in front of Ueno JR Station, the shopping streets here are full of shops, street stalls, restaurants, hotels, cafes and even the odd house of ill repute. The third and second photo from the end should be of special interest to the casual tourist, as it shows one of the restaurants of the biggest tempura chain in Japan, Tendon Tenya. Apart from cheap and good tempura it also serves soba and udon, and it is a cost effective…

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